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case study: mobile applications

How to best learn? Do.

When we're not building innovative mobile solutions for our customers, we publish our own apps to online marketplaces. Just a few examples are described here.

Time Motion Study

Time-motion study tool with measurement, result analysis graphs, and export tools.

Time-motion studies are an efficiency technique where the specific steps making up a task are measured individually, to help identify where the most time is being spent and the best opportunities to improve productivity. Motions may be as fine-grained as individual hand movements (lift tool, move tool to desk, lift work piece) or complete tasks (assemble unit, place in container, wrap for shipping) depending on the goals of your study.


  • Share graphs via email, facebook and more or export CSV files to load into Excel or reporting tools
  • Define multiple studies with different motion lists
  • Create as many tasks/motions as you like in each study
  • Easy single tap to switch between different motions during measurement
  • Toggle between measuring one motion at a time, or multiple concurrent motions


Mark up your photos with comments and drawings then share the result via email, facebook and more. Quick and easy touch based drawing and text on top of your photos.


Turn your android into a greenscreen studio (aka chroma-key effect)

Use any solid colored background (doesn't have to be green), snap a photo and this will remove the screen color and replace it with a cool background.

  • Includes over 50 backgrounds including beautiful landscapes, textures and fun shapes. You can also select any image on your phone to use as a background
  • Built in eyedropper to click on part of the photo to set the background to any color (in case you don’t have your own greenscreen…)
  • Use the menu button to save the finished image or share to email/facebook/etc
  • Best results will be achieved with even colored background and lighting
  • Use the threshold button (in the menu) to adjust how much of the background is removed


Easy teleprompter script scrolling app with optional reflection for use with mirrors and a high contrast invert mode for automatically converting black-on-white content to white-on-black.

Any web page can be used as your teleprompter script including images/etc. Images will be reversed along with text in mirror mode.

Click the play button at the bottom to start the scroll, then tap anywhere on the screen to stop it.

Easily adjust the scroll rate, re-load new scripts or toggle on/off the mirror and invert modes using the menu.


A simple, uncluttered full screen battery level live wallpaper.

Why go mobile?

We believe mobile to be the next frontier in interactive engagement not just for consumers, but also for internal business processes.

  • Business is no longer tied to the desktop. Mobile apps empower your employees to be engaged and effective anywhere.
  • Communication between stakeholders is key to efficiency - mobile solutions unchain the electronic interactions you've come to rely on.
  • Leverage advanced technologies such as bluetooth, photographic image processing, and GPS.

Contact us to discuss how you can leverage mobile technology in your business!

What is mobile?

Mobile isn't just about phone apps, but also in-vehicle systems for dispatch and routing, synchronization technology for laptop-based solutions, and mobile web.

The key to a successful mobile solution is empowering your people to be effective while away from their desks in real time. Anywhere work is done is an opportunity for a mobile solution - select the technology platform to fit the environment, not the other way around.

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